Nearby Attractions

A quick two minute drive and you will be surrounded by great shopping centers these have all your major needs and wants! We have a Khol’s, Ross, Styles for all your clothing needs. Grocery stores galore: Safeway, Savemart, and Super Wal-Mart. We even have a Pets Smart for your furry friends needs. We also have a Home Depot for all your tool and gardening needs. Now let’s talk about food you have a great diversity to anything you might be craving, from burgers to steak and everything in between.

School Districts

Reno High School 8 out of 10 school rating

“The atmosphere and the environment feels safe. Safe as if this school wants to help me become who I want to be in life. Turbo High does everything it can go encourage me to work hard towards what I want. Students and staff don’t feel like student peers or faculty to me. They feel like team-mates. So a school like this is exactly where I would love to be.”

Clayton Middle School 9 out 10 rating

“I love this middle school. After moving to a different school zone, we had to enroll my  son in Clayton instead of Swope where all his grade school friends are going. At first he was very disappointed in having to change to a different school zone and having to make new friends. But now I think it is the best middle school in Reno; my son loves it, is super motivated, and his friends at the other school are not as happy with their middle school experience as my son is. Clayton has a special way of motivating kids and keeping them excited about learning. I love this school!

Warner Elementary School 4 out of 10 rating

“I have substituted at this school on short term contract and on other occasions. This school has very, very good teachers and a principal who comes into each classroom, every day, to make her presence known. Students do well here.”


Reno Airport is not with in walking distance. It is 10 min away from our community.

Regional Transportation Commission We have a bus stop right across the street from our community.

Greyhound is located about 5 min from our community.

Uber can pick you up any where in town!!

We also have some  great Taxi service in the Reno area!